Posted in 2018

Using ssh to Connect to My Ubuntu Phone

About a month ago one of my students told about the UBports project, which appears to be making a viable push to take over Ubuntu Touch after Canonical’s abandonment of it, and to continue development using a community foundation. I am longing for a free software phone platform, and despite my disappointing experience with Firefox OS, willing to keep joining whatever effort seems most likely to succeed until one of them actually does. So I didn’t hesitate to get myself a OnePlus One, install Ubuntu Touch on it, and make it my day to day phone.

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Making a CS Gambit

I have a small, very adventurous data structures and algorithms class this year with students hungry to try new things. We are using Python as the primary programming language, and Brad Miller and David Ranum’s Problem Solving with Data Structures and Algorithms as our primary text, but earlier in the course we learned enough C to implement linked lists and stacks in that language.

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