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  • Jan 14 - Making a CS Gambit

    I have a small, very adventurous data structures and algorithms class this year with students hungry to try new things. We are using Python as the primary programming language, and Brad Miller and David Ranum’s Problem Solving with Data Structures and Algorithms as our primary text, but earlier in the course we learned enough C to implement linked lists and stacks in that language.

  • Nov 11 - Cambell’s Law

    This is a repost of a blog entry I made back on January 12, 2015

  • Aug 04 - The Joy of PHP 1

    In a previous post I described the process of setting up a basic virtual machine for PHP development using KVM. In this post I’ll decribe how to use it.

  • Jul 24 - Getting Started with CiviCRM

    This is the first of many posts to come that will be tagged CiviCRM . I’m going to follow the setup process documented by NOVA Web Developer, Douglas Cerna, and see how it goes. With any luck I’ll be able to begin exploring CiviCRM and further explore modifications to the setup. As an important example, I can see that these instructions use MySQL as the database. Since the work we will be doing almost immediately will involve geographic data and information, we will want a spatial database, and the clear choice there is PostGIS. We will have to determine how to escape from this quandary, but for now, I just want to get CiviCRM running.

  • Jul 15 - Getting Started with PHP

    Now that NOVA Web Development has made the decision to focus on CiviCRM support, I have been forced to deal confront the question of whether I should be teaching PHP to students in my web design and development classes instead of Python. I have been an active participant in the Python community since 1999, and I am very fond of both the language and the community around it, so it is with some reluctance that I make this decision.