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Jeffrey Elkner

About Jeffrey Elkner

Jeffrey Elkner (or simply "jelkner" as he is often known) is a high school / community college Web Development / CS teacher who lives in Arlington Virginia with his wife in their apartment next to the woods.

In CS grad school way back in 1993 he discovered GCC (back when it stood for GNU C Compiler) running on the VAX system used at school. GCC led him to the GPL, which in turn led him to GNU/Linux, and his long love affair with software freedom was born. It fit like a glove with his social justice orientation, and he realized immediately that working people would never be able to democratically control the means of production in the 21st century if they didn't control it's software, since software was becoming more and more the means of production.

He is currently working with a group of friends in the worker cooperative, NOVA Web Development, which, motivated by the principle that "The people's movement should use the people's software!", is developing LibreOrganize and which developed the software used for this blog.