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More Explorations in Free Software GIS

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I began working on Explorations in Free Software GIS back in mid November of 2015 (git commit histories are so useful ;-), and I now have a new project to add to it, which involves converting a PostGIS database to SpatiaLite.

Before I can do that, however, I need to do a few things to my KVM development server so that I can build both the tutorial and the projects there, so I'll start with being able to build the tutorial. I need LaTeX, which is required to build the math in the tutorial. I installed LaTeX and the required math support with:

$ sudo apt install texlive-latex-extra dvipng

after which I checked out the explore_fsgis source with:

$ git clone

changed into the directory and ran make html to build the document. With Ubuntu 18.04 out now, this will be a good opportunity to update the tutorials.