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Transportr - Helping Build the World We Want to Live In

In my last post, I *Love* My De-Googled, May First Technology Movement Connected Phone!, I wrote about my LineageOS, May First Nextcloud connected phone and how much I love it.

In this post I want to write about a new app addition to my phone that three of my students, Liam Norman, Miguel Lopez, and Jiovanni Ramirez Rodriguez, have made usable for me and for all public transit users in the DC metro area.

The app, Transportr, is a free software Android app for accessing information on public transit. German free software developer and activist Torsten Grote describes the motivation and history of the project in a presentation available on YouTube, Open your Public Transport with OpenStreetMap and Transportr.

LineageOS Phone 4

Launching the app for the first time, you are prompted to select the region of the world where you are located:

Transportr app 1

Choosing North America opens up a submenu with Canada and the US (note to self - Mexico is still missing, look into that later as a possible collaboration project with May First):

Transportr app 2

And now, my big thrill, clicking on United States of America, thanks to the efforts of my three students working on this as their end of year project, Washington, DC now shows up:

Transportr app 3

After adding my home and work location, I see this:

Transportr app 4

And now, whenever I need to get to or from work or home, I have super convenient access to when to expect the next bus to arrive:

Transportr app 5

With wealth inequality in the United States growing to obscene proportions, and threatening to undermine whatever semblance of democracy we have left in our country, I am deeply committed to, as we say in the web development worker cooperative of which I am a member, "helping to build the world I want to live in."

I want to live in a world that nurtures full human development for all our planet's people. Taking control of our data, the so called "oil of the 21st century", is a crucial step toward making that possible.

Adding DC area support to Transportr means transit users in our area can access the information they need without giving up their behavioral data to the tech oligarchs at Google, and is a small step toward a better world.