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Summer Plans 2017

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Summer, so I'm just in time to start this new weblog with a Summer plans entry.

I've got a lot of goals for the next few months. As usual, I've got more goals than I can reasonably hope to accomplish, but that won't stop me from trying. Here is a rough list of most of them:

  1. Complete edX courses in cyber security and calculus, and make some progress on the intro to probability course in preparation for my GMU course in the Fall.
  2. Complete RHCSA certification.
  3. Explore WebGLStudio.js and other web graphics programs to prepare for work a student wants to do next year.
  4. Build websites for NEA Members for Our Revolution and New Virginia Majority Arlington Chapter as a contribution to building these organizations.
  5. Work with fellow NOVA Web Development coop members to seek business for our coop.
  6. Document what I accomplish in this blog.

This is not the first time I have launched a blog. From 2009 until last January I wrote entries in the Juan Chacon Free Software and Education Project blog. Blogger is not free software, however, and I wanted to move to something that is. Since I've been using Sphinx for several years now with curriculum projects, I was attracted to ABlog.

Let the fun begin!