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Jeffrey Elkner

A Morning of Networking

I came in early this morning to complete Unit 5 of Cybersecurity Fundamentals, which is the second of two units focused on networking. I'll be teaching a one week Cybersecurity Camp beginning on August 7th, and this edX course is proving really helpful as preparation for that.

This week's unit is titled Networking 2. It discusses switching and routing in some detail, as well as providing a wonderfully clear explanation of networking ports. The differences between TCP and UDP are also explained well. Between now and August 7th I need to think about how to turn this into a fun, hands-on activity for the students at camp.

Inspired by reading about networking all morning, I decided to setup wireless access in my classroom for next school year. I just finished moving everything into the new room yesterday, and have only begun unpacking in my new home, but I thought it would make setup easier if wifi worked, since running Ethernet cables would be much more involved. I purchased a used Linksys WRT54G router, and configured it with the SSID and WPA2 password that our normal access point had. The access point is on loan to our Summer project at Gallaudet University, so I couldn't hook it up. All the computers connected to it just fine, and I have the network connectivity I need to setup the new room.